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About DataSync

DataSync Technologies provides consulting excellence and real-time solutions for customers with complex information technology needs within the defense and intelligence communities.

Our Services

DataSync Technologies is a Proven Engineering Leader with over 20 years of experience supporting our intelligence community customers in identifying challenges and developing solutions that meet current mission needs while delivering the flexibility to address tomorrow’s landscape.

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Software Engineering

DataSync’s software engineers use standard processes and tools to develop and integrate software solutions to meet our Customers’ complex requirements. From website development through 4GL, our engineers invent and deliver cutting-edge, secure mission solutions.

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DataSync’s cybersecurity experts provide security testing, network vulnerability assessment, and risk assessment services to our customers. We are a trusted integrator of AI and ML-based cyber solutions developing risk-based security controls and performing penetration testing to assess compliance with ICD-503 security controls.

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Business Intelligence

DataSync engineers work with our customers to develop sophisticated, data-driven tools and analyses that enable long-term mission planning and tactical decision-making. We deliver tools to perform business analysis and reporting with dashboard-centric outputs enabling flexible reporting and ensuring user preferences are identified and addressed. We provide discovery and migration services to cleanse and analyze data to advance our customers’ mission in a responsible, thoughtful manner.

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System Engineering and Integration

DataSync SEs and SIs deliver years of experience in gathering and analyzing requirements, designing systems and architectures that satisfy them, and integrating and testing the resultant systems to ensure verified performance. Across the development life cycle, we perform unit and integration testing, system documentation, and configuration management. Our INCOSE Certified System Engineering Professionals work to guarantee that performance standards are exceeded on some of the IC's most complex developments.

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Project Management and Agile Methodologies

DataSync’s PMs and Scrum Masters provide support to teams of developers, testers, and engineers through the full life cycle development of mission-critical systems. We use Agile methodologies, including Scrum, Lean, and SAFe®, ensuring our teams can perform development work while managing risks so projects stay on schedule.

Our Team

In every industry, expertise in information technology, big data analysis, and interpretation is driving innovation and improving business outcomes. For the American intelligence and defense communities, the need for effective partners who can leverage this expertise to support their mission is clear.

DataSync Technologies’ goal is to provide award-winning, mission-driven, cost-effective consultants that impart the best possible value to our customers by enhancing defense and intelligence solutions through best business practices.

As a veteran-owned small business, we attract and retain consultants with the desire to work in a small business that encourages entrepreneurial spirit. Our staff members have a combination of government and commercial consulting experience to bring real-world solutions through a responsive relationship with our customers’ organizational staff to ensure project success.

A Dynamic Approach to Big Data Analysis and Interpretation

Serving the Washington, DC Metro area and Northern Virginia (NOVA), DataSync Technologies is a valued partner to the defense and intelligence communities. In everything we do, we implement a dynamic and collaborative approach. Individual business units draw on the collective resources of our team members to drive innovation and find solutions to problems that affect your systems and cost you money over time. We have earned both the confidence of major federal contractors and the respect of our peers. We were a finalist for the 2015 SECAF Contractor of the Year Award.

Leveraging Technology and Expertise to Keep America Safe

Our work with the defense and intelligence communities plays a vital role in securing American interests both at home and abroad. We recognize big data analysis and interpretation as part of a great national tradition of innovation. Our role is to leverage that expertise to benefit a diverse group of clients at both the state and federal levels.

Working at DataSync Technologies

In addition to being an important contributor to the work of key intelligence and defense organizations, DataSync Technologies is also a great place to work. We offer rewarding and flexible careers for talented individuals, as well as a chance to make a positive contribution to the safety and security of all Americans. Visit our Jobs page to view current opportunities.