Cleared Software Developer Jobs in the DC Area

As a cleared software developer, finding positions that match your education, skills and certifications is only part of the equation when it comes to your next place of employment.

You also need to evaluate the companies.

Today, companies set themselves apart from the competition through their own unique work environments. Every business has a distinct culture and set of values that influence its work and employees. They also provide different benefits, employee perks and work structures. What you want out of your work environment will differ from that of another developer, but everyone wants a workplace with high levels of challenge, appreciation and satisfaction.

When you browse our listings, we want you to have the information you need to make the critical decisions associated with job searching.

What Traits Make a Workplace Succeed?

It’s no surprise that our employees consider us one of the best places to work in the Washington, DC metro area year-after-year.

However, the definition of an excellent place to work varies by person. Many factors influence workplace satisfaction, and what one employee considers positive can seem negative to another. While compensation and benefits have easy-to-measure metrics, it can become harder to evaluate something like happiness.

Third-party assessments can help employees understand a workplace and employers improve their work environments. That’s why we value the excellent ratings we have on the Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list just as much as our five-star rating on Glassdoor.

The Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Criteria

In addition to being named one of the Washingtonian’s 2019 Great Places to Work, DataSync won a listing on the Washington Business Journal’s 2018 Best Places to Work in Greater Washington for three consecutive years. The Washington Business Journal selects the winners of this contest based on results from Quantum Workplace’s annual survey. Employers can request to take part in the contest and receive a company-wide survey that measures employee satisfaction. The Quantum survey measures six key dimensions:

  • Communication and resources
  • Individual needs
  • Manager effectiveness
  • Personal engagement
  • Team dynamics
  • Trust in leadership

Every organization that participated in the survey received a score on a scale of one to 100. The Washington Business Journal then selected the 25 top-scoring organizations for small, medium, large and extra-large size categories. We scored high enough to reach the top 25 scores out of our business size category for three years in a row.

Employee Ratings on Glassdoor

The website also measures employee satisfaction in the workplace. They allow employees to post anonymous reviews about their current or former workplace. A reviewer ranks the workplace out of five stars and lists the pros and cons they found. You can search for specific company profiles on Glassdoor or sort your city’s employers by rating.

At the time of writing, DataSync has an average rating of 5/5 stars on Glassdoor. Exactly 100% of our reviewers would recommend our workplace to a friend.

How Does DataSync Create the Best Place to Work in DC?

We believe that our team’s well-being determines our company’s success. When our employees have fulfilling work and plenty of support, we can better serve our clients. At DataSync, we believe in keeping our team happy through the values listed below.

Communication With Staff

Every team member deserves to have their opinion heard regardless of seniority. We make an active effort to learn our team’s thoughts on our management style and other critical aspects of our business. Communication keeps our operations transparent and our employees more satisfied with our management.

Diversity Initiatives

As a veteran-owned business with women in key leadership positions, we understand the importance of diversity. That’s why we provide all team members the opportunity to grow their careers with training, tuition credits, mentorship and more.

Work-Life Balance

Satisfaction in the workplace requires happiness outside of work. To ensure that our staff feels fulfilled, we prioritize a healthy work-life balance in all employees. As a family-focused company, we have flexible work schedules, health and wellness reimbursements and plenty of time off.

Fun Work Environment

Our goal to foster fun in the workplace helps our team members bond and relax. We have regular, family-focused social events, parties, giveaways and competition to make every day at work interesting. At DataSync, we believe in making time at work as enjoyable as possible.

Giving Back to Society and the Community

Much of our work focuses on protecting Americans at home and abroad, and we apply these morals to other aspects of the job. We give to charities in the area and nationwide and foster a culture of giving. Our team members often have their own causes and regularly give back through charity.

Learn More About Working at DataSync

Does our workplace seem like a good fit for you? We encourage you to look at our open job listings below to learn more about employment at DataSync. Find out what we expect from our team members and how you can join our staff.