DataSync Technologies Named AWS Approved Consulting Partner

Datasync has been awarded the prestigious AWS consulting partner award.Amazon Web Services (AWS) has awarded DataSync Technologies, Inc. the role of Approved Consulting Partner through Amazon’s AWS Partner Network (APN).

As a professional service firm within the APN, DataSync helps customers and businesses of different sizes design, build, migrate and manage their work and schedules via AWS. As such, the APN features tens of thousands of customers and businesses.

Becoming an Approved Consulting Partner involves the completion of 17 stringent data security requirements, including certifications, customer references and an AWS Partner Practice Plan.

As a partner, DataSync now receives access to additional training opportunities, as well as business, technical, sales and marketing resources.

What Is AWS?

AWS is the most successful cloud infrastructure company to date, with more than 30 percent of the market share over businesses like Google and Microsoft.

Companies utilize the service to host static websites, apps and .NET web applications, as well as build data warehouses and analyze big data. AWS is the premier assistant service for businesses adjusting to new growth.

The APN enables approved partners to build AWS-based solutions for clients through the AWS system. Partner types include both APN Consulting Partners and APN Technology Partners. Each partnership is selectively awarded to companies who have proven their ability at handling sensitive information with care, efficiency and integrity.

More About DataSync Technologies

Founded in 2004, DataSync is a leader in the D.C. area for effective data analysis and interpretation. Our focus on mission-driven and cost-effective solutions have led to our meaningful partnership with the U.S. intelligence and defense communities. DataSync offers proven, long-term solutions for the following areas:

  • Software engineering
  • Data management
  • Integration services
  • Business intelligence
  • Cyber engineering

We develop solutions to complex problems through a collaborative, innovative, team-based approach.

A Leader in Unrivaled Performance and Results

Proven results have built DataSync’s reputation as a performance-based government contractor. Our client successes have garnered us many meaningful experiences, recognitions and awards. We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to the future as an Approved Consulting Partner.

If you are searching for a partner in IT engineering, data interpretation or data analysis services, visit our website to learn more about our services or contact us to discuss your organization’s challenges and needs.

Or, join one of the best places to work in D.C. We’re hiring motivated and experienced individuals ready to grow their careers. We offer benefits such as tuition reimbursement and informal and formal mentorship opportunities to expand your skill set with us.

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